How To Start A New Business

What we Wish People Knew About Starting a Business

When we were starting Jummikplus Global Services, we were worried about things that didn’t matter.

We got stuck in the details.

It was only by taking action that we learned what mattered, and what didn’t.

We see this happening to small and Medium Business owners.

People get stuck on trivial things. They want absolute clarity before moving forward, but clarity doesn’t come until you move forward.

You uncover your path as you take action. You cannot figure things out before you start.

We think we know what matters But we really don’t.

You could say that you can learn what matters, but you don’t really know until you’ve gone through it yourself.

You have to learn what matters to you and your business and you can only do that by making mistakes and learning from them.

So we see people fall into the same traps over and over again. we fell into these same traps ourself , so don’t feel bad if you can identify with some of these.

Here are a few examples of those Traps:

Coming up with the perfect Business name
Finding the perfect idea
Blending all of your passions into one business
Having the perfect business plan
Getting a great Office
Structuring your Action plan just right

At its core, it’s about fear. The fear of failing and ruining your chances of doing what you love.

However, the only way you’ll fail is by trying to get things perfect. Because trying to adhere to an idea of perfection leaves you paralyzed.

You stop moving, learning, and growing and then you end up frustrated, bitter, or depressed.

What helped us get going with our business was to not take it so seriously. Sounds like the opposite of what you should do, doesn’t it?

If you’re just getting started, you don’t know what matters, so why not experiment and enjoy the process? You might as well, right?

To put this in more concrete terms, below are three things that helped us get started when we were stuck in trying to get things just right:

We Challenge our preconceptions

When we started, we thought we needed an expensive office. Now we see that we don’t. we just need a Point Of Contact that allows prospects and Client meet us to tender their problems.

We thought we weren’t good to manage people Resources, yet when we began to publicize our Management featured services we realized that people liked what we do. Not everyone, but most.

Taking action, and seeing how wrong we were, helped us detach from our assumptions and thoughts. We noticed that we had no clue what was right or wrong.

we learned that all we could do was follow our inner GPS, and see what happened. That’s how we cultivated our mindset of conducting experiments, and letting go of assumptions.

We Aim for good enough

All we can ever do is the best we can with what we have.

We make mistakes, but we learn from them. When we Launched our first Service, we Service saw it as a learning experience. The funny thing is that we’ve kept that same perspective to this day.

We see everything we do as an experiment. We don’t know if it’s going to work. All we can do is follow what feels magnetic, and do our best.

We still want things to be perfect, but we remind ourself to aim for good enough. we don’t try to get anything to 100% perfect. Instead, we aim for 80-90%.

Then we gather constructive feedback, and we improve what we are doing.

We Experiment and learn

We constantly try to get feedback from the right people.

If we are creating value, we’ll get it to good enough, then we’ll send it to a few prospects. This is scary at first, but it gets us out of our head.

We can make all sorts of assumption about our Services, but our assumptions are irrelevant. What matters are what (the right) people think about it. If our early-reviewers say that’swhat’s needed

We often discover that what we think should be improved isn’t what needs improving at all.

We are not genius. we don’t consider ourselves smarter than you. We’re simply more willing to get our work out there, and see what happens. we’re more willing to challenge our own assumptions about life and business.

We know that we can get spooked by our mind, so we conduct experiments, and we gather data from real people.

Because to be honest, we don’t know what’s going on. We simply do what we think people loves. I render services that help people. We do our best.

Don’t Let things to be completely messy

What helped us get through those chaotic early years was to avoid letting things get messy.

Our fears are there. We want to get things perfect. We want to figure things out. We want to succeed.

But our priority is always to people’s inner GPS, and what makes them come alive.

We don’t have any other choice. If we don’t follow what feels magnetic, I’ll end up miserable.

The bottom line

If you’re just starting, you don’t really know what matters and what doesn’t.

If you’ve never even started a Business, you can drive yourself crazy trying to get it perfect, because you don’t know what perfection looks like, so you chase a mirage.

Then you end up stuck and frustrated. Yet all you have to do is be willing to start before you feel ready.

Ask yourself: What is the next tiniest step that I am able to take?

Then take that step it will lead you to your success.

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