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Become A Field Expert At Jummikplus

Become A Field Expert At Jummikplus

Job Title:

Field Expert

Job Location:

Abuja and Nasarawa State

Job Status:


Job Requirements:

  • Basic Understanding in spoken English
  • Good Command in spoken Hausa Language
  • Trade Test or other related Documents
  • A prove of the proefficiency of the acclaimed field.
  • Ability To Satisfy Clients
  • Ability To Work remotely

Job Discriptions:

Below are the Job Responsibility of a Field expert.

  • Handle Jobs based on his/her Skillset
  • Attends to both old, New and prospective Clients in the office or outside the office.
  • Proposes actions to be taken by Organization over a Clients in the course of the management of their Resources.
  • make sales and services to Clients.
  • Maintain the reputation of the Organization by maintaining a standard Jobs done.
  • Serve other purposes ordered by a superior coleague


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