This Page should give you an Idea of How Jummikplus Global Services Operates

Jummikplus Global Services is A Resources Management Organization!

we manages any Resources (Strenght, Connection, Knowledge, Relationship, Idea, Skill, property, Money, Business, Profession, Job among other Resources) that an Individual or Organization have to enable them become whoever they want to become or achieve whatever they want to achieve.

We makes the delivery of our Services possible through Synergizing in the following ways:

Coaching Services



Business Management Services

Organization Management

Profession Management

Business Development

Networking Services

Partnership Creation

Capacity Building

Credit Services

Rental Services

At Jummikplus Global Services, we can take People and Organizations from….

from Start-up to Finish-up!
from Rag to Riches!
from the Root to the Fruit!
from Grass to Grace!
from the Dark to the Light!
from Iliteracy to Literacy!
from Inability to Ability!
from Victim to Victory!
from Ant to Giant!
from the Bottom to the Top!
and somewhere in between.

We have everything it requires to make Individuals and Organizations succeed in all their endeavors including you.

We have the ability.
We have the capabiility.
We have the capacity
We have the facility
We have the connection
We have the money
We have the customer base.
We have the client base.
We have the knowledge base

The only thing preventing us from making anybody or organization to achieve their dream and purpose in life is their readiness and willingness for success.

Jummikplus Global Services is currently hiring. If you are one of our Applicant or you intend to Apply and work with us, please note that: Jummikplus Global Services operates as a semi-distributed company.

To Apply or continue your Application process, please Click Here to understand How We Operates

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