Special Envoy Job Opening

Job Description

A special envoy at Jummikplus Global Services is an individual who act as a special representative of Jummikplus Global Services official at a point in time on a temporary mandate between Jummikplus Global Services and Clients/Customers and other staff to communicate, represents, supervise, teach, guide, interview, deliver and respond to Jummikplus Global Services Officials and Clients/Customers.

A Jummikplus Special Envoy works like a Messenger & Supervisor but they works better & get paid better.

As a Jummikplus Special Envoy, you carry out messaging and supervisions activities for Jummikplus Global Services in Areas you are been directed to do so by Jummikplus Global Services. The Areas can be nearby to you or far from you.

As a Jummikplus Special Envoy, every Agents Primary Point of Assignments in your Local Government Area are all your Offices. you do not have a Special Office but you can have a Favorite Office

You earns your entitlement in an Hourly rate pending your permanence by Jummikplus Global Services.


  • S.S.C.E. and above
  • Ability to write, read, understand and explain
  • Ability to Communicate
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Ability to handle crowd
  • Ability to Learn
  • Ability to guide
  • Ability to mentor

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