Why Chamber For Nigerian Freedom Was Started

Chamber For Nigerian Freedom

This is a lengthy read. It is also going to be used as a criteria in selecting the people worthy of Coordinating Chamber For Nigerian Freedom

Note That!
The reason why Chamber For Nigerian Freedom was initiated is as a result of an Open Letter written to Nigerians by a Nigerian whom you shall get to know in your day at Chamber For Nigerian Freedom.

Sufficient Attention was not paid to His Open Letter. Thank God to a group of defenders of Democracy who paid attention to his Open Letter that give birth to the Chamber For Nigerian Freedom today.


Dear Compatriots

With high sense of humility & maximum loyalty to your distinguish esteem personality, I wish to bring your Attention to the current plight of Nigeria on behalf of the entire team of Nigeria New Nation Builders under the Umbrella of Chamber For Nigerian Freedom.

Our dear country, Nigeria, is currently faced with multitude of challenges that have constantly threatened & betrayed the very principle upon which it was established

Between 1960 & now, Nigeria has passed through different stages of social, economic, & political changes. One thing that has however remained consistent through the transformation of our national history is the harsh consequences of the fatal decisions we the Nigerian people as well as our leaders have made up to this moment

Ever since the beginning of the Fourth Republic in 1999, we the Nigerian people have been trapped in a disastrous cycle of deeply established elite conspiracy that has so far made our national development very difficult to achieve

  • We have over ten (10) security Agencies in Nigeria but we have been consumed by Insecurity
  • We have human right Commission but our rights are not protected
  • We have Consumer protection Commission in Nigeria yet our Consumptions are not protected
  • We have Public Complain Commission. Yet our Complains are not effected
  • We have Road Safety Corps in Nigeria, yet our Roads are not safe to drive on
  • We have Judiciary in Nigeria yet our Justice is never Justified justly especially if against the government of the Land or people of a higher class.
  • We have Standard Organization of Nigeria yet our Markets are flooded with fake products
  • We have Electoral Commission yet our Leaders are selected rather than elected
  • We have ministry of Agriculture yet we are dying of Hunger and Starvation due to insufficient Agricultural products availablity
  • We have Ministry of Power yet over 70% of Nigerian can’t experience Power Supply of more than 20 Hours in a week (if up to )
  • We have Ministry of Water Resources yet unquantifiable Nigerians has no access to clean water
  • We have National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) yet unquantifiable Nigerians can’t be validly identified
  • We have National Automotive Design And Development Council, yet no Vehicle is Designed, Developed or manufacture in Nigeria
  • We have Ministry of Education, yet if you don’t travel over seas you hardly get good education not withstanding the amount of the uneducated Nigerian roaming the street
  • We have Federal Ministry of Environment. Yet over 60 percent of our Environment is a mess.
  • We have Federal Ministry of Lands, Housing & Urban Development. Yet the Massive Populace are Homeless.
  • We have Federal Ministry of Youths & Sport Development. Yet neither the youth nor Sports are Developed.
  • We have National Emergency Management Agency. Yet our Emergencies are not managed managed nationally properly.
  • We have Federal Road Mentainance Agency. Yet our Roads are being consumed by gigantic Potholes due to lack of management.
  • We have over Sixty different Natural Mineral Resources. Yet, we still maintain Mono-economy
  • We have virtually no natural disaster. Yet, our national situations are worse than the national of those that do.

Some of Our Leaders has been failing us & we have not been doing anything about it, they have failed us again and we are still unable to do anything about it. they will continue to fail us if we continue like this without doing anything about it.

corruption has become a legal tender. Corrupt Practices has become endemic in our beloved Country Nigeria. Corrupt people are now celebrated & idolized in our societies.

Other nations had been able to curtail their Corrupt practices, But the case of our beloved Nation is different. It’s either one Arm of Government is interested in fighting Corruption while the other Arm will resist the attempt.

Whatever goes up surely do comes down but the reverse is the case of our beloved nation especially if it involves prices of services and commodities. Virtually everything in our Nation is in a reverse

  • We have Professors but they carry Out no discovery
  • We have some Politicians without ideology!
  • We have Whealth but we have no reasonable prosperity,
  • We have Religions but no piety,
  • We have some Leaders who have no vision!
  • We have The oppressed who don’t worry about the Oppression!
  • We have Criminals who has no fear of the Law!
  • We have Heroes without Sacrifices and Honor!
  • We have Schools who have no structure and effective learning culture!
  • We have Terrorists without identity!
  • We have Culprits without Punishment.
  • We have Hunger without famine!
  • We have Change without progress!
  • We have Unity without love!
  • We have  Policies without plans or implementation!
  • We have Crime without culprits!
  • We have Saints without humility!
  • We have Wars without enemies!
  • We have Billionaires without business!
  • We have Youth without dreams!
  • We have Elders without wisdom.

Before now it used to be “Ghana Must Go” but now it is “Naija Must Go”

We are said to be the giant of Africa. If the Giant of Africa can be in this kind of deep Dilemma, then one wonders how deep the Dilemma of the Ant of Africa will be.

The economy has continued to decelerate. Unemployment & Underemployment has now hit the highest rate ever while chunk of Nigerians graduates annually

Notwithstanding, Community & Tribal crisis has continued to grow unabatedly, just as the Insurgency unceasingly carry out brutal attacks almost on daily basis. Militancy is yet another to recall as well as Yahoo plus as they call it.

The number of beggars on the streets are increasing by the day. Our beggars had grown from native beggers to Corporate beggers. whilst the rate of suicide is uncontrollably on the surge.

The common people and the youths of our nation in whose hands lie the present and future of our nation are the ones at the receiving end of these heart-wrenching developments

We produce barely nothing. Yet, we consume almost everything produced by other nations. Exportation (if at all) is low. Yet Importation is High.

If there is at all anything to learn from our nation’s contemporary history on developments, it is simply the fact that our political Leaders and representatives are not the solution that our nation badly requires at this time.

The problem of a nation is the combination of the problem of all the citizen of that nation

nobody can solve the problem of a nation alone, no government can solve the problem of a nation alone. But when the people of a nation come together for the purpose of solving the problem of a nation, the problem of the nation can be solved.

A nation consist of two main elements. the Leaders & the Followers. Each of the two Elements have one of two main significance. That is Power & Population. The Leaders have Power while the Followers has the Population

The Leaders can have Power over the Followers but they can never have Population over the Followers. The Followers have Population over the Leaders and can also have Power over the Leaders if they utilise the Advantage of their Population.

It is amazing what a Nigerian can accomplish if He/She do not care who gets the credit

To make our Society a better place, We must stop thinking about what is  best for an individual and start thinking about what is best for the society.

Nigeria can get better if we put aside our political, Religious and Ethnic differences. With our organised unity of purpose, We can get Nigeria moving with or without the Government.

I understand that there are still good people amongst us and you are one of them .

“This is not all about me alone and this is not all about you alone. It is about me, you and our yet unborn generation”

You may be comfortable but you need to know that many more fellow compatriots like you are not comfortable. Put yourself in their position & you will understand what they are expecting from you.

If you are comfortable & fellow compatriots like you are not, you will become unsafe, your Family & Friends will be unsafe & your environment will be unsafe. The fact that your fellow compatriots want what you have without the opportunity triggers Criminality, Kidnapping, Pickpocketing among other crimes.

Even heaven itself helps only those who helps themselves. If as divine as Heaven is, it is helpful to only those who helps themselves is it the Government that will help people who do not help themselves?

If we want Nigeria to become a better country, filled with better states, made up of better cities, illuminated by better leaders, inhabited by better people, populated by better families & interact with better friends & neighbours. Then we have to come together under an organised Umbrella irrespective of our Political, Religious & Ethnic differences to become a better people.

Yes, Prayers do make wishes come true. But praying without working towards what we are wishing for, is like wanting to go to heaven without dying. God won’t come down to earth in order to fix things for us it is we humans that God uses in the manifestation of our Prayers

At Chamber For Nigerian Freedom, We have collectively developed. The plans it requires to rebuild Nigeria & acquire Freedom. Nigeria comprises of states, local governments, communities & citizens. To build nigeria we must build our states, to build our states we must build our local government areas, to build our local government areas we must build our communities & to build our communities we must build the indigen of our communities first. Thats where Practical Citizenship education & empowerment comes in first.

Together we can make Nigeria “one” among the best Five nation in the world. It will take time, but it is achievable. How long it takes depend on how quick & massive Nigerians embraces the struggle of Nation Building & how quick Nigerians embraces the struggles of Nation Building depends on the activities of Nation Builders like Us including you (I.e if you become one).

Nation Building does not happen over night, days, weeks, or even months, it happens over years
The struggle for nation building can not be sustained. Without the partnership, participation and investment of concerned individuals, Groups and Communities among others like you. Hence, this is not about what you can get from Nigeria as a Nigerian, it is about what you can give to Nigeria as a Nigerian.

We don’t need to be occupying the seat of the President, Governor , Senator or other Leadership positions before  We can help out in building our Nation

If you can not help out in building our Nation without occupying any Leadership Position, you won’t be able to make any difference even if you become a Leader
Let’s stop the blame games, let’s stop the political games. Let’s stop the Religious game & Let’s stop the Ethnicity games, Otherwise Nigeria will be heading for doom “May God Forbid”

If we focus on building our Communities, Nigeria will become a better place we will all be proud of

Unbehalf of The Entire Nigerian New Nation Builders, I hereby implore you to Become a Part of Us Today and together we will consolidate Democracy and rebuild our Nation. To succeed in any endeavour, one need the right team & with you in Our team, the team will be in the right shape Nigeria & Nigerians need your participation in this drive

If you can not help your Country in her struggle to becoming a better country, then you have no moral justification to criticise any Nigerian Politician for under-performance 

This is a clarion call to, a call to responsibility. This is not about what you can get from Nigeria, it is about what you can give to Nigeria. This is not about what Nigeria can do for you, it is about what you can do for Nigeria.
We are changing the Narrative, be part of the success story. With you in Chamber For Nigerian Freedom, there will be hope. Freedom is taken not given

Yours Patriotic

There is an Important Information you need to note before you got Invited for your Interview. Click on the Link below to access that Information 

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If you are having difficulty accessing the above Link due to Traffic, Network, or other technical issue, Click on the Link below

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