Our Offices in Nigeria

Jummikplus Global Services operates as a Distributed Organization. Our Staff are Remote/Distributed Staff.

A Distributed Organization is any Organization that have one central office and have her employees scattered and distributed around working remotely. This is known as Remote Staff/Employee.

Many Distributed Organizations does not have a Central Office. However, Jummikplus Global Services have a Central Office in Abuja. Meanwhile, our Head Office is currently underconstruction. To know more about Distributed Company, Click Here and find out more

We invites people to our Office base on need as we have specially trained Agents distributed all over the nation that can take care of any service need that our Clients have. If you have cogent need to see us in our Office, Contact Us Here and we will invite you to our Office location if need be. This is to enable us control crowd storming our Office to access services that can be accessed within locations nearest to them

To locate our Agents nearest to you, click on the Jummikplus Agent Button below