How To Get The Attention of Busy And Important People

Revealed: The Basic Steps To Follow In Getting The Attention Of Busy And Important People To Attend To Your Needs

We all needs help some times if not most times such as help over getting a Job, settling disputes or getting recommended. We are all dependent on influence and that is a fact you cannot deny from your Birth to your Death.

Sometimes the Influential people who have the capacity to help out at a particular point in time could be perpetually busy that’s probably one of the reasons why they are Influential.

We’ve all been in situations where we need advice or mentorship, but so often, the person who can best provide it is insanely busy and in-demand. How do you break through the clutter of their schedule and get them to take notice of your plea for help or whatever the case may be?

personally I have a ton of responsibility to tend to officially and unofficially. This is true for many executives, managers and other people you might want to get to know and build a relationship with. They have a lot going on and coming at them.

It’s no secret that connecting with the right person can skyrocket your success — a new job, a boost for your business, or experienced perspective that changes everything. But the “right” person often has a packed schedule and seemingly endless demands on their time. So how do you connect with these busy people?

However the Five steps below are the basic steps to Follow if you want to Get The Attention of Busy And Important People.


When you want to contact busy and important people, always try to take the time in understanding them genuinely, their work demand, and as much as you possibly can about their personality and who they are. That’s the difference between just contacting someone formally as a “transaction” and contacting someone informally to achieve what you want to achieve through them.


Though Modern days Technology is gradually rulling out writing i (n documents). However, if you want to be taken serious, that is an act you should always consider.

Write to them communicating to them over your need to see them. It will give them an insight over why you need to see them and as well prepare them as regards to your expectations positively

Step 3. COMPLIMENT THEM (in the writing)

sharing a genuine compliment will go a long way in making them feel positive in meeting you.

Everybody loves compliment and that includes you. That has been a nature and nature they says: “can not be cheated”!

Remember that specific thing they have done either for you, someone else or the society and you will be in their good book.


Busy And Important People have a lot going on and coming at them to the extend that they are looking forward to who can relieve them of those burden and that is one of the reason why they are busy and influential.

Giving them the understanding that you are time sensitive will go a long way giving them the impression that you are worth their time .


Busy people are “straight to the point” people beating around the Bush will give them the impression that you are suffering in low self-esteem and what would they get to do with such people?

After the basic salutation, go straight to the point that brought you. This will make them fee I more interested in you and will give a potential opportunity of meeting with them in the future.


Getting the attention of Busy And Influential People is easy but just like every other thing else, there are steps to follow and the steps highlighted above will go a long way in ensuring your success in Getting the attention of Busy And Influential People.

After the Meeting, take your time to show them gratitude. A little goes a long way: acknowledge how the person helped you and express how grateful you are. A simple “thank you so much for the help!” will not only encourage them to help you in the future, but also to extend a helping hand to others who may be in your shoes.

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