We are becoming a Household & Officehold name Nationwide! This is not because of Luck but because of our ability to serve the needs of the society through our second to none Resources Management services delivery.

We help people to achieve their Goals/Aims through the effective Management of their Resources by combining the following Services below

  • Credit-Purchase Service (Creditify)
  • Investment Management (Investify)
  • Partnership Development & Management (Partnerfy)
  • Call and Get Paid (Callrich)
  • Buy and Get Paid (Buyrich)
  • Save and Get Paid (Saverich)
  • Business Development
  • Business Management
  • Business Support
  • Business Cartel
  • Professional Cartel
  • Coaching Services
  • Counselling Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Association Development
  • Association Management
  • I.C.T. services
  • Organization Management

These Services are exclusive to Jummikplus Global Services because We makes the delivery of our Services possible through Creation of exclusive Services as the Needs Arises as follows:

We needed to help People buy whatever they want whenever they are Broke. So, We Launched: CreditifyCredit-purchase Service (Creditify)
We needed to help Low Income earners make more Money, from their Low Income. So, We Launched: Investify,Investment Management Services. (Investify), Buy and get paid (Buyrich) and Save and get paid (Saverich)
We needed to help Entrepreneurs succeed in their Business. So, We Launched: PartnefyPartnership Development and Management Services (Partnerfy) and Investment Management Services (Investify)
We needed to help The Unemployed and the Low Income earners make more Money. So, We Launched:Call and get paid (Callrich), Save and get paid (Saverich) and Buy and get paid (Buyrich)