Differences Between Dreams And Goals

You need both dreams and goals—but there’s a big difference between the two.

A dream = some future outcome. A goal = some future action

Too many confuse a dream and a goal. They seek to achieve a dream. However, dreams can’t be achieved. They can only be realized. You realize your dreams by creating goals around each one of your dreams, and then pursue each goal by taking action.

Don’t confuse a goal and a dream. Dreams occupy your mind and heart. Goals take over your reality.

Your dream in life forms the founding pillar of your goals that you wish to achieve. That dream is the outcome of your future and your goals are the steps you need to take to fulfill your future dream. Both of these complement each other to make your life a success story.

When you start thinking about working for yourself, many of those thoughts begin as dreams. Dreams give you guidance and help you determine how you want your life to look. However, dreams alone won’t give you the life you want.

Most of the people are aware of the terms, dream and goals and but it is not most of the people that fully understand them. dream and goals are the fuel of our life. We live a life happily on this earth just because we have some dreams to fulfill and some goals to achieve. A Dream is a destination but not your plan and your journey. Your goals are the journey of your life by which you can gain everything you ever dreamt off.

Dreams are necessary to create the vision and want for a better life for you. Goals are the actionable steps that it takes to achieve that life. Both are needed to achieve the life you’ve always wanted. Dreams will keep you focused on the stars in your world, so you don’t lose track of your mission while accomplishing individual goals to get there. Learn more about the difference between goals and dreams, and how you can accomplish your dreams to work for yourself

In a more broader sense or category, below are some compared differences between Dreams and Goals.

Difference Between Dreams and Goals

There are numerous differences between a Dream and a Goal, why people mostly misunderstand them for one another is because, one leads to another and (the) another is responsible for (the) one! What that means is, Dream lead to Goal and Goal is responsible for Dream realization

Goals must have focus. Dreams don’t.

Dreams can be drifting, ever-changing thoughts. Goals must be laser-focused. They must be specific and they must be always on your mind.

Goals produce results. Dreams don’t.

Want to change your life? Your job? Your status in life? Goals can do that. A good friend of mine made six-figures on the ebook he published. He did that. Had it stayed as a dream, his life would have been as it always was.

Goals are something you are acting on. Dreams are something you are just thinking about.

Goals require action. Dreams can happen without lifting a finger, even while you are asleep.

Dreams stretch your imagination. Goals stretch you.

Dreaming leads to bigger dreams. They stretch the limits of your imagination. But, goals stretch you. They increase your skills, your abilities, and change you forever.ik

Dreams are imaginary. Goals are based in reality.

You may dream of being the President, but that is probably not going to happen until you set Goals. Goals are about what you can actually do to become the President . They are grounded in the reality of our world. Goals should be big, but not supernatural

Goals have deadlines. Dreams are Continuous .

Goals must have a deadline. They have a time limit. Dreams can go on forever. In fact, many people maintain dreams their entire lives without ever reaching them.

Goals have a finish line. Dreams never have to end. Dreams can go on forever. They don’t have to have an ending point. Goals must have a specific outcome.

Dreams can inspire you. Goals can change you.

Dreams can bring you motivation. They can inspire you. But, goals can change your life forever.Goals must have focus. Dreams don’t.

Dream is your vision to reach the top of the ladder, Goal is the Step of the Ladder.

These are more like the blueprints of your future life. Goals are somewhat like a team effort. There might be many other people who could help you to build up your goal and easily transform your dream into reality

Goals require hard work. Dreams require Thoughtfulness.

Dreaming is easy. Almost everyone has a dream. But, fewer people have goals. Goals are hard and they require hard work. (See #4)


Dreams are generally our thoughts and images of mind without any substances. Anybody can dream of everything they would like to have and they want to do in life. Dreams are baseless with goals because you can only shape up your dreams when you have targeted them to achieve your goal.

Goal is the action plan

Dreams are your fantasies, not the reality but your goals are the reality that you have to achieve in your life. Goal setting is the beginning of your actual plan. As an example, you have a dream to visit Russia but you need to bring it to your plan to execute. A plan would include something like, how to book the tickets, how you will arrange the money for traveling, what are the places you want to visit there? How to book it? You need to consider all such things to fulfill your dream with proper planning. Goal is something that you need to do or is your target that you want to achieve.

There is much confusion about the difference between dreams and goals. Dreams don’t require any action plan or any strategy to fulfill but your goals require too much hard work, action planning, and strategy. You need to plan your goal within a certain time frame and can achieve it if you have enough resources, knowledge, skills, and the capacity to make a foolproof plan.

You don’t need a life coach to pursue your dream but to fulfill your goal, assistance from a life coach could be of great help. This way, there will someone who could guide you in every aspect to pursue your goal successfully. Goals are the guiding stars that can give you the desired success in your professional or your personal life. Just follow your dreams and use your goals to get to them, safe and sound.


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