Credit Payment Confirmation

This type of payment system at Jummikplus Global Services requires a Creditify Account (Credit Purchase Account).

A Creditify Account is an Account that gives you and/or anybody else the authority to buy/pay for whatever you wants to buy or pay for on credit without the full cash at hand; anywhere and anytime powered by Jummikplus Global Services.

To continue your payment using this medium, confirm your payment on credit by filling the form before below

What is your Full Name?

What is your E-mail Address?

What is your Phone Number?

What are you paying for?

What is the payment value (How Much)?

What is your Creditify Pin (Cr-pin)?

If you do not have a Creditify Account Number, chances are, you do not have a Creditify Account. If that is the case, Click Here to create one and start paying for whatever you want on credit