Thank You for Applying. Be assure that your Application has being recieved. Please be notify that:

  1. We are in need of as many Resources Managers we can get in all the Council of F.C.T.
  2. We carries out schedule Interview by Saturdays.
  3. If you are shortlisted for an Interview, an Online Interview Link will be shared with you through an E-mail, Facebook, Whatsap or the Traditional SMS
  4. If you did not haer from us as soon as you expected, do not panic as We may be attending to those who Applied before you. Please be notified that We treats every Applicant equally
  5. Get your Resume ready digitally as the upload may be required prior to your Interview
  6. We operates as a Semi-distributed company as a result, if you are hired, you will have the opportunity to work from Home or anywhere of your Choice without any form of limitation or restriction.
  7. As a Semi-distributed company that we are, we harnesses the advantage of Shared-Office as our Offices or Point of contact if required.
  8. If you have not Liked our Page on Facebook, Click Here to Like it Now. For you to avoid missing out on any of our update

For more information, Confirmation or Inquiries Learn About Us Heror Contact Us Here you can as well send Us a mail on: and

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