Always Take Bold Action

REVEALED: Reason Why You Should Always Take Bold Action

You can only do what you can do. Life is way too important to be treated with Naivety. So strive to take Bold Actions.

So what if you fail when trying to act Boldly?

“You’ll keep taking action until you succeed being bold in that aspect”.

Your first sale/marketing is going to feel awkward
Your first Video is going to feel awkward
Your first Public speaking is going to feel awkward
Your first Book is going to look awkward
Your first Cook is going to taste awkward
Your first Presentation is going to be awkward
Your first Website is going to look awkward
Your First asking out a lady for a date is going to feel awkward

But without those first attempts you can never make that thousands of them you are dreaming of. You just have to make the first attempt anyway.

Your fear of making mistakes may never go away. Fear is ingrained in us as human beings, It’s normal.

It’s a sign that you actually care about the work you’re doing (or want to do). Taking action means embracing imperfection

You’ll never learn everything

You’ll never eliminate risk

You’ll make plenty of mistakes

But so what?

If you want to do what you love, stop giving away your power to your fears. They are nothing without your consent. It’s time to set sail for a new destination

Destination: Relentless Determination

It’s time to make the shift from prisoner of your fears to relentlessly pursuing your dreams

When you truly become sick of being controlled by your fears, you become relentless

It’s like in the movie, the Matrix. When Neo realizes he is The One. He suddenly sees the Matrix for what it is. He embraces his true power.

& that is exactly what happens when you reach relentless determination. No obstacle can stand in your way.

You’re too determined to let anything hold you back. You keep moving forward, no matter what.

If you don’t know where to start, “you’ll learn”.

If you don’t how or from whom to learn it, “The Internet can Teach you”.

If you’re afraid of putting yourself out there, “I can push you to do it anyway”.

If you come up with excuses, “so what”?

The secret is that “there is no secret”.

There is just pure determination, pure focus on what matters: Following what makes your heart Glow.

Do you want to do what you love more than stay where you are?

Success or Failure, Head or Tail? “It’s up to you”.

All the best of 2020 and beyond Mikail Audu

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