Offline Agent Job Opening

Job Description

An Offline Agent at Jummikplus Global Services is someone who acts on behalf of Jummikplus Global Services to negotiate, bind, approve, disapprove contracts and carry out sales of Jummikplus Global Services products or services Offline.

A Jummikplus Agent works like a POS Agent but they works better & get paid better.

As a Jummikplus Agent, your Agency point is a like a branch of Jummikplus Global Services in your Area and you are like a Jummikplus Global Services Branch manager in your Area.

You earns 75% Agency fee of every Jummikplus Global Services Client or Customer you attend to pending your permanence

As a Jummikplus Global Services approved Agent, you are the one to decide where your Primary point of Assignment (Agency branch) will be located while we work with you to cite your branch for you after you have chosen the location of your choice.

As a Jummikplus Global Services approved Agent, it is your responsibility to print the Agency banner that will be displayed at your Primary point of Assignment.

Job Requirements

  • S.S.C.E. and above
  • Ability to write, read, understand and explain
  • Ability to Communicate
  • Ability to handle pressure
  • Ability to handle crowd

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