Make Money Through Our Affiliate Program

Generate Revenue from your Traffic and/or your social media followings as well as your Offline Family and Friend by joining our Affiliate Service

You can make Money from Home, Office, Market place or even while you are on-the-go as well as when sleeping.

Our affiliate program is FREE to join, it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Nevertheless, we will always be here to help with supports.

You will get paid in CASH just for recommending any service/goods of Jummikplus Global Services to your Readers, Followers, Family and friends to patronize.

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All you have to do is Sign Up for an affiliate account, (a Username will be generated for you) tell people about our Services and ask them to use your Username as the referral. for every reviewed & approved client or customer we receive, you earn money. It’s that simple.

You can earn up to N5,000 as a one time commission per referral. According to the type of Service/product the person Patronized

Affiliate Commission

Any new client or customer you refer to us that patronized us will earn you the Affiliate Commission 50 percent of their Application fee and 5 percent of the cost of the products

We understand how difficult it can be to convert Friends, Families & Followers to Clients or customers. That’s why we are offering you this much.

We will pay you every Thursdays. Irrespective of how much Commission you have earned

We are aware of fake Registrations also known as invalid referral or Profile. Attempting to sponsor an invalid referral can lead to the forfeiture of your commission and the deactivation of your account. We will update you to do the needful upon noticing an invalid profile. We monitor every profile manually

Real Statistics and Reporting!

We will update you whenever your new Referrals Registers. Every account is subject to manual review and scrutiny.

How To Recommend Jummikplus Services

By writing Articles on Blogs or social media

By using Word of mouth.

By convincing your Contacts & Followers in Social media Posts &/or comment and so on.

This program is free. It is available for anyone to join.

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