Who We Are

Jummikplus Global Services is a Resources Management and multi-services rendering agency that leverage on the power of Synergy to bring services to people’s door step and making people’s Desirables to become available.

The Agency manages people’s Resources by harnessing the power of every top tried, tested & trusted Psychological, Sociological, Philosophical & Scientifical Tips, tacts, techniques and technologies of What, How, When, Where Whom, Why & Which to solve people’s problems & enable them accomplish their Goals, Achieve their desires, and solve their Problems. Making what is seemingly impossible to the people to become possible for them.


Our Mission is to Help other People and Organizations achieve their own Mission by making them to achieve their legitimate Dreams, Desires, Goals and solving their ethical Problems


Our Vision is to become the Best Resources Management Agency just as we the First in Nigeria and Africa


Jummikplus Global Services operates as a Distributed Organization. Our Team of Staff are Distributed Team (Our Staff are scattered around Nationwide without a Central Office). The Agency was Founded in 2013 and incorporated in 2019.

The Agency have about 3,000 Agents and 60 Corporate Partners and an uncountable list of other Employees as at the time of this writing scattered all over Nigeria and we are still hiring more.

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