Jummikplus Global Services (J.G.S.)

Jummikplus Global Services is a Resources Management and multi-service rendering Agency.

What we do is to help people to achieve whatever they desire in their life through the effective Management of their Resources.

We’re organised to Build people & Solve people’s Problems by bringing Services to their Door Step & Making their Desirables available through our Professional (multiple in one) services rendering

We are fully licensed to carry out Business Services in Nigeria to equip people with the required Resources and Resourcefulness as well as the ability to enable them achieve whatever they desire

We are organized to facilitate people to realize their Resources, equip their Resourcefulness and/or manage their Resources effectively to enable them easily achieve their Desires, become whoever they want to become and/or accomplish their Goals/Dreams

We have whatever it takes to make people achieve/become whatever they want.

We have the ability.
We have the capabiility.
We have the capacity
We have the facility
We have the connection
We have the money
We have the customer base.
We have the client base.
We have the knowledge base

What we do not have right now is people’s permission to take them:

From the Bottom to the Top
From Ant to Giant
From the Root to the Fruit
From Labour to Favour
From Victim to Victor
From the Unknown to the Known
From Nowhere to Everywhere
From a Begger to a Donor
From Darkness to Brightness
From the Tolerated to the Celebrated and anywhere positive in between

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