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We are looking for Clients that will patronize our Services. We are also looking for Clients and Customers that will patronize our partners Businesses or Services and we are ready to pay you as an Affiliate Marketer to refer your Friends, Families and Followers to us Online or Offline for patronage.

That’s not all!

We are Looking For more Affiliate Marketers to market our Services and the Businesses or Services of our Business Partners. We are also looking for Experienced Affiliate Marketers that can train our new inexperienced Affiliate Marketers and we are also willing to pay you for that.

Our affiliate program is FREE to join, it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. Nevertheless, we will always be here to help with supports.

You will get paid just for recommending our Services to your Friends, Family and Followers Offline and Online (Facebook, Whatsap, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram and on your Blog, Vlog or Podcast). We will provide all of the tools necessary for you to be successful at it.

All you have to do is to Sign Up for an affiliate account, a Coupon Code will be generated for you. Share our Service link along with your Username on your Site or social media timeline or in a conversation online or Offline. for every reviewed & approved sign up we receive, you earn money. It’s that simple.

You can earn up to N300,000 or more as a one time commission per referral. You can demand for the withdrawal of your funds whenever you wants once you earn up-to N1000 and above.

5 Simple Steps to Start Earning Money and become a Millionaire with our Affiliate Platform Today!

1. Create your Affiliate Account by filling the Form below and clicking Submit

2. After submitting, a “Whatsap API” will pop-up. Click on your Favorite Whatsapp Application to continue with authentication

3. A Coupon Code will be generated for you.

4. After the Coupon code generation, we will guide you on what to do, How to do it and Who to do it with to start making Money.

There are over 30 ways available for you to make Money through our Affiliate System

5. Do exactly as you will be guided

6. You get paid for each Sign up we get with your effort. You also get paid for a collection of impression you creates about us on Social Media platforms. Your payment ranges from N1 (One Naira) to N300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand Naira) per sale or Impression depending on your efforts or Activities

5. Win extra great prizes Monthly in Cash and in Products for being the best Affiliate Partner of the Month.

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